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Gunny G: The Flag Raising @ Iwo Jima…and…Ray Jacobs…

February 24, 2015 1 comment


Morning, 1020, on 23 February 1945, Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, our national colors raised for the first time ever over the Japanese Empire!

1st Lt. Schrier with Ernest Ivy Thomas, Jr. (b...

1st Lt. Schrier with Ernest Ivy Thomas, Jr. (both seated) on Mount Suribachi at the first flag raising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













The combat patrol of 40-men of Easy Company 2/28, 5th Marine Division, led by 1/Lt Harold G. Schrier USMC. See Gunny G’s sites & forums for the story of Sgt Ray Jacobs, USMC (Ret.), who for 57 years went unrecognized as the radioman in Sgt Lou Lowery‘s series of photos of the actual flagraising on Iwo Jima (not the “replacement” flag photo shot by Joe Rosenthal later that same day to become almost instantly famous).


(The following is from the book, Iwo Jima…, by Marling/Wetenhall)

The answer may surprise even long-time Marines who think they know their Marine Corps history…)

“…on February 24 when Schrier was notified, “Request you designate one member group of flag raisers report aboard Eldorado (AGC 11) early morning 25 February.Purpose news broadcast.

Schrier sent his second in command of the original patrol–PltSgt Ernest Ivy “Boots” Thomas.

At 0430 the next morning, Thomas found himself aboard the ship in the presence of Admiral Turner and General Howlin’ Mad” Smith. He was then interviewed by Don Pryor of CBS, who, microphone in hand, introduced him as “a modest but tough 20-year old fighting man from Tallahassee,” leader of the Marine platoon that captured Suribachi, “the first American in history who has ever raised Old Glory over a part of the Japanese Empire.”

A stunned pause. “No, Mr. Pryor,” Thomas interjected, “I don’t want to give that impression. The honor belongs to every man in my platoon. Three of us actually raised the flag–Lieutenant Harold G. Schrier, our company executive officer, Sergeant H.O. Hansen of Boston, and myself. But the rest of the men had just as big a part in it as we did.”

Thomas continued to point out that although he felt “mighty proud,” he did not consider himself a hero, or that he had done anything that the others hadn’t also done.”

(PltSgt Thomas, speaking to the media and Navy/Marine Corps top brass just a couple days after the flag raising on Iwo Jima!)


The following is from Tedd Thomey’s Immortal Images, A Personal History of Two Photographers and the Flag Raising On Iwo Jima, Naval Institute Press, 1996 “

The Vandegrift revelations surfaced in a book about Iwo Jima published in the spring of 1995. Albee and Freeman present evidence that, over a period of 2 1/2 years, from early 1945 to September 1947, General Vandegrift laid down a policy that suppressed issuance or recognitionof any of the Marine Corps’ Iwo Jima photography that might have diminished the uniqueness of the Rosenhtal classic.1″ “

…The man most affected by this policy was Sgt Lou Lowery, the Leatherneck magazine photographer who had shot the photo of the……………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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December 2, 2014 1 comment

So You Think Your Snail Mail Is Private?

Every Post Office letter is imaged and made available to the cops.

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James Forrestal- Early Zionist Hit-Job? –

November 18, 2014 1 comment

November 17, 2014forrestal-with-truman.jpgleft,

Forrestal receives a medal from President Truman

James V. Forrestal 1892-1949 was America‘s first Secretary of Defensefrom 1947-1949.

He opposed the creation of the state of Israel.

His ruthless murder was covered up by the Zionist-controlled press. Thankfully, people like retired economist David Martin are still on the case.

A reminder that the real history of the modern world is the subversion of civilization by a satanic cult made up of Cabalist Jews and Freemasons.

By virtue of their control of banking, success is contingent on dedication to world government tyranny and betrayal of the values we hold dear.

For eye opening details, be sure to read Dan’s comment below this article. by David MartinNew Forrestal Document Exposes Cover Uphenrymakow.comPresident Truman relieved James Forrestal of his position in late March of 1949. Within a few days he was committed, apparently against his will, to Bethesda Naval Hospital suffering from “exhaustion.”

In spite of the invaluable service he had rendered to the country during World War II, first as Under Secretary of the Navy and then Secretary of the Navy, he had in 1948 and early 1949 been the subject of an unprecedented press vilification campaign, led by powerful [Jewish] columnists Drew Pearson and Walter Winchell.

At around 1:45 am, May 22, some seven weeks after his admission to the hospital, Forrestal plunged from a 16th floor window of the hospital to his death.

A belt or cord, said to be from his dressing gown, was tied tightly around his neck.On May 23, a review board was appointed by Admiral Morton D………




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Firefighters ordered to take down Old Glory………..

September 12, 2014 1 comment

Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh disciplined four firefighters in Maywood, Illinois, after they refused to remove American flags from their lockers and helmetsFire Chief Craig Bronaugh disciplined four firefighters in Maywood, Illinois, after they refused to remove patriotic decals from their lockers and helmets


A controversy that involves a new flag for a firehouse in Chicago, patriotic stickers on lockers and even the First Amendment has erupted, and officials now are trying to calm down the situation by saying several firefighters who had been sent home may return to work.

The situation, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune, disturbed operations at the suburban Maywood fire department.Its chief, Craig Bronaugh Jr., told the newspaper that four firefighters who had been removed from their duties and sent home actually may return.

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Firefighters Ordered to Get Rid of Their Patriotic Decals. They Refused. Then the Hammer Came Down. | Video |

September 10, 2014 1 comment

“My dad was a fireman for 26 years in Maywood,” just west of Chicago, Flowers told WFLD-TV. “I took over his locker. And on the outside of his locker I have a Marine Corps decal … it’s been there for well over 30 years.”

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Gunny G: GET IT!

August 8, 2014 1 comment

big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)










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LDS missionaries install illegal flagpole on top of Mount Olympus… “Hikers discovered the flagpole with a U.S. Flag and an autographed mission T-shirt on Forest Service lands and alerted rangers.”

June 27, 2014 1 comment

LDS missionaries install illegal flagpole on top of Mount Olympus [owned by Lds Church] ^ | June 26, 2014 | Maddy RichardsPosted on 6/27/2014, 9:59:10 AM by ColofornianSALT LAKE CITY —

Eight LDS missionaries serving in the Salt Lake City East Mission and their leaders are working with the Forest Service to remove a flagpole that the missionaries cemented to the top of Mount Olympus earlier this week.

Hikers discovered the flagpole with a U.S. Flag and an autographed mission T-shirt on Forest Service lands and alerted rangers. The Forest Service confirmed that posting the flagpole was indeed breaking the law.“You would need to get a permit to put up a flagpole.


propdispl (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)









In wilderness it wouldn’t be allowed at all,” said Kathy Jo Pollock of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.Jessica Moody, a spokeswoman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the missionaries were responsible for the placement of the flagpole, and that Salt Lake City East Mission is “looking into this and will address it appropriately.”


jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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