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Meet The World’s First Mustang Owner: Video

February 19, 2014 1 comment

Meet The World’s First Mustang Owner: Video

Motor Authority ^ | 2/18/14 | Nelson Ireson

Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:36:06 AM by smokingfrog

It’s 1964, and the Ford Mustang is coming, but it hasn’t arrived in any owners’ hands yet. People all over the country are excited about Ford’s affordable new sporty car. Then Gail Wise rolls down the street in a powder blue convertible and everyone loses it.

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Ford to use rotating shifts to avoid Ohio layoffs

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Ford to use rotating shifts to avoid Ohio layoffs

AP ^ | 1/27/2014

Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 4:41:41 AM by markomalley

Ford Motor Co. will use rotating shifts — two weeks on, two weeks off — to avoid indefinite layoffs at its assembly plant, located west of Cleveland.

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Lee Harvey Oswald Was An American Hero? Paul Kuntzler Speaks by DALE K. MYERS « AMERICAN BLOGGER: GUNNY.G ~ WEBLOG.EMAIL

January 22, 2013 309 comments

Lee Harvey Oswald Was An American Hero? Paul Kuntzler Speaks




Oswald when he served in the US Marine Corps

Oswald when he served in the US Marine Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





“Lee Harvey Oswald Was An American Hero” – those are the words of Paul Kuntzler, President of Miller Reporting Company, Inc., a transcription and court reporting service, who wrote a rambling, two-page open letter to The Washington Post Chairmen of the Board, Donald E. Graham, published in today’s edition of the New York Times. [Editor’s note: The complete text appears at the end of this article.]


Mr. Kuntzler charged that:


“President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered by Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson in a widespread, incredibly complex and brilliantly planned conspiracy that involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation directed by J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA directed by David Atlee Phillips,




The Secret Service, elements of the United States Air Force, including General Curtis LeMay of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the United States Army, the United States Navy, Henry R. Luce’s LIFE Magazine, The Ford Motor Company, the Dallas Police, including Dallas Mayor Earle Cabel, big Oil of Midland, Texas, the Texas political establishment, the mafia, the anti-Castro Cubans, Southern racists, including retired General Edwin Walker, and others. President Richard M. Nixon was also involved.” [NYT, 07/31/07, pp.A16-17]


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V2V: The End of Driving . . . By You, Anyhow by Eric Peters

August 6, 2012 3 comments

You’re going to love – or dread – this.Vehicle to Vehicle communication – V2V, as its designers style it – is a system that will – that already is – automating new cars. Rendering them driverless. Putting the car in charge. Well, putting a wireless network in charge, that is. Of the cars – and the drivers. Who will shortly cease to exist – becoming curiosities of a bygone time, like railroad conductors.

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Gunny G: OIL CHANGE EXTENDED TO 7500 Miles/2010 Ford Escape Oil Warning Light: How to Reset the Oil Light on a Ford Escape |

July 10, 2012 5 comments


Ford Escape



Locate the “oil life” indicator on the front dashboard of the Ford Escape. The indicator is situated in the instrument cluster around the driver’s side of the vehicle inside the dashboard next to the speedometer, fuel gauge and other instruments. Look for a small message panel with the words “info, setup and reset.” This is where the oil light indicator is located.


Check the odometer to ensure it has been approximately 7,500 miles of travel since the last oil change. This is the recommended amount of miles the Ford Escape should travel before getting a new oil change according to the 2010 Ford Escape manual. Older cars may need more frequent oil changes.

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Henry Ford: Can a Freemason be an “Anti Semite”? –

May 9, 2012 2 comments

Freemasonry is an arm of Illuminati Jewry. Yet Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” (1920) is perhaps the most informed and scathing condemnation of Illuminati Jewry ever.

The contradiction is explained if we see Ford in the context of Freemasonry’s build-up of Hitler. Freemasonry & Ford also built up Illuminati Jewish Russia for the dialectical clash called World War II.

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919)

Portrait of Henry Ford (ca. 1919) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is from “Masonic Movers & Shakers of World II”

by Joseph Burley


Anthony Sutton dedicates a chapter to Henry Ford’s Masonic Machinations during WW2.

Not only did Ford have a significant role in the events of WW2, he also served as business representative of the American League to aid and co-operate with Russia in 1918 alongside many other Bolshevik Jewish financiers and Freemasons. At the same time Ford financed Adolf Hitler in the early 1920’s, the formative stage of the Nazi Movement.

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May 1, 2012 Leave a comment


Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2012 8:31:06 PM by Brilliant

With electric vehicle technology becoming more desirable to the average consumer, Ford applied its innovative design sense to the two-wheel market and created the E-Bike concept vehicle.

Unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, this sleek, cross-gender bike is powered not with gas, but by a lithium-ion battery. The drive system is subtly embedded in the 5.5-pound aluminium-and-carbon construction frame for a cool, minimalist look—perfect for the energy (and image) conscious city commuter.

Why now? More than 30 million motorized bicycles were sold globally in 2010, with an increasing market share in Europe. Because the E-Bike can also be ridden with pure muscle, the fear of running out of power far from a charging station is eliminated, giving E-Bikes the potential to become the preferred choice for short- and medium-distance destinations, replacing traditional bikes or larger cars.

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