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Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016

April 28, 2014 9 comments

Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016

Politico ^ | 4/28/14 | Bden White

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 2:40:32 PM by amnestynone


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The biggest parlor game on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms these days is guessing whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will run for president and save the GOP’s old establishment base from its rising populist wing.


The second most popular game is guessing what happens if Jeb says no.


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Kasich: State of emergency for Ohio, National Guard on alert…..

January 21, 2014 3 comments

Kasich: State of emergency for Ohio, National Guard on alert ^ | January 20, 2014 | Staff

John Kasich - Caricature

John Kasich – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 9:28:15 AM by Whenifhow

CINCINNATI —Ohio Gov. John Kasich has declared a statewide energy emergency for all 88 counties. The declaration was made in order to expedite the shipment of propane and heating oil to rural parts of the state.

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Did Any of You Bloggers Ever Wonder Why You Were Getting So Many Hits From Google HQ…?… (GyG: AS ALWAYS, SEE READER RESPONSES !!!!!

September 13, 2013 2 comments

Did Any of You Bloggers Ever Wonder Why You Were Getting So Many Hits From Google HQ…?

Reaganite Republican ^ | 13 September 2013 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 8:37:12 AM by Reaganite Republican


Why all the monitoring when you’re a good boy/girl,

following TOS…

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GyG: Today’s Toons…..

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment




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(GyG Response !!!!!) ~ Article V Invocation — Is There a Better Way to do it?

August 21, 2013 2 comments

“There’s a growing call coming from outside the halls of Congress for addressing this dilemma. Last week, Ohio’s Governor John Kasich called for an Article V Convention for proposing a balanced budget amendment.”







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You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists – or Democrats …

February 15, 2013 1 comment

By Erik Rush Friday, February 15, 2013


Leaving aside for the moment the likelihood that parties and party politics in America will become moot within the next few years (owing to the emergence of a single party or the country’s dissolution into civil war), conservatives and libertarians are finding themselves at an unpleasant crossroads. While some observers gave up on the leadership of the Republican Party long ago, it is now becoming apparent to rank-and-file Republicans that the GOP leadership and its prominent operatives are wholly complicit in the fundamental transformation of America.



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While these might not be on board with the “fundamental transformation” as referenced by candidate Obama in 2008 (his being a dedicated Marxist and all), they are indeed working in concert with Democrats to bring about a monolithic socialist state. Worse, many said Republicans have been masquerading as staunch conservatives and are acknowledged as such, so they are accepted by committed conservative voters.


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