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‘CNN’s King Blames Romney for Crowley Deflecting His Attack on Obama

October 17, 2012 2 comments

During Tuesday’s post-debate coverage on CNN, as the panel discussed moderator Candy Crowley giving cover to President Obama’s attempt to defend his initial flawed response to the Benghazi terrorist attack, CNN correspondent John King blamed former Governor Mitt Romney for giving Crowley the opening to undermine the GOP candidate’s criticism of Obama for taking so long to recognize that the attack was a premeditated act of terrorism.



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Prison » NEVER MIND: Gingrich Campaign Just Admitted To Lying In The Last CNN Debate

January 26, 2012 1 comment

Newt Gingrich’s big applause line in the South Carolina CNN debate is coming back to bite him.

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When moderator John King opened the debate with a question about allegations that his ex-wife made in an interview. Gingrich fired back, saying that his campaign offered several friends familiar with the situation to rebut ABC’s interview, but that the network refused to talk to them.

That wasn’t really true, his campaign now says.

Gingrich’s spokesman R.C. Hammond has told CNN that the only witnesses it offered to ABC were Gingrich’s two daughters from his first marriage. Not exactly the scores of “personal friends” that Gingrich promised as character witnesses in the debate, and promised again in a follow-up interview with King.

Mitt Romney came down against Gingrich’s treatment of the media, and John King in particular, in an appearance on FOX News Wednesday, The Hill reports.

“It’s very easy to talk down a moderator,” Romney said. “The moderator asks a question and then has to sit by and take whatever you send to them. And Speaker Gingrich has been wonderful at attacking the moderators and attacking the media.”

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Alaska’s Joe Miller Says Obama is “Bad for America” – Video 9/1/10

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is video of Alaska GOP Senate Nominee Joe Miller telling CNN’s John King that Barack Obama is “bad for America.” King had asked Miller to summarize Obama in a couple of sentences.

Taken aback by Miller’s bold statement, King asked him to explain what he meant. And boy did he:“He’s one of the major forces moving this country toward socialism.”

He’s expanding the entitlement state. It is the wrong direction for America. You know, this is a bipartisan problem, but he’s at the front of it. The growth of stimulus programs, the growth of basically, government bailouts to industries that are failing – it’s not the American way, it’s not the free-market way, and it’s killing the competitive edge.

I think the head-long plunge into internationalism is yet another thing that puts down American Exceptionalism. We are special as a nation. We have Constitutional rights. You know, our view of it is that the Founders had it right. You know, they come from God – Government can’t take them away.

We restrain Government so Government can’t infringe upon those rights. When we’re a top-down system – which is really what’s coming out of the Obama Administration, we put that all upside-down. Instead, the Government becomes Sovereign rather than the People.But the answer to our crisis is not Government – it is the People, and it’s rejuvenating this country in such a way that we can be a leader in the world again. And we kind of lost that concept.

I think our president has actually put our country down, not advanced it in the standing of the nations. So, I would suggest to you again, that bad for America is an apt description.”


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