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It’s time we became leaders… (“If you are reading this, you are a leader. As leaders, we must unite and discuss how to accomplish this, and do it now. While we still can……..”)

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…Accepting your task



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It is therefore up to us, to you reading this column, to accept the mantle of leadership. We must have a discussion, right now, far more meaningful than sound bites and bullet points, partisan politics and business as usual. From this discussion, we must chart a plan of action.





While the majority of the population is entranced, entertained or clinging with white knuckles to their normalcy bias, we do not have the luxury of time nor the ability to keep drawing new lines in the sand as we are being forced backward into a state of subjugation and slavery.



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We need to decide right now where our line in the sand is and even make plans to recover lost liberties. We must make our individual stands known so we may become the collective resistance against the tyranny that is about to be unleashed upon us.


We need to replace our virtual “beer muscles” some have developed as anonymous keyboard warriors with genuine courage and a plan of action to restore our God given rights and freedoms established by the U.S. Constitution.


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(Col Sellin) Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership – HUMAN EVENTS

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Not long after I left Afghanistan in September 2010, a young Lieutenant and a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point wrote to me concerned that the Army has yet to grasp all of the elements of leadership needed for the challenges of the 21st century. She wrote:

“I think that there are serious problems with the culture of Army leadership: close-mindedness, careerism, an aversion to innovation or creativity born of the fallacy that everything can fit into a step-by-step procedure, and a task-oriented mindset that creates an atmosphere of anti-intellectualism…and not only those who can think, but those who possess the moral courage to stand up for the hard truths that their bosses are unwilling to accept. I think this is going to be especially important as we transition away from Iraq and Afghanistan and attempt to prepare for unknown future conflicts.”


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Narcissists rise to the top because people mistake their confidence for leadership qualities (UK)

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FULL TITLE: Narcissists rise to the top because people mistake their confidence and authority for leadership qualities

They may be charming, confident and climb the job ladder with ease, but when they reach the top, narcissists are actually not very good at their roles.

Such people are often too self-obsessed to do their jobs properly, according to a study.

Those who love themselves and have vast self-confidence often impress others with their self-belief, dominance and authority, leading them to climb the career ladder effortlessly.

However, scientists have discovered that while narcissists are convincing leaders, they are so consumed by their own brilliance that it actually cripples their creativity and often causes them to make bad decisions. They like to squirrel away information from their colleagues and are too focused on themselves to allow others to shine in the workplace, researchers said.

It also prevents proper interaction with colleagues who often vastly overestimate the ability of their overconfident bosses.

Scientists at the University of Amsterdam proved their theory by conducting an experiment involving 150 people, split into groups of three.

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Obama’s “Leadership” Style is Classic Liberalism: No Vision + Utter Incompetence = Total Failure

July 31, 2011 Leave a comment

By Kelly O’Connell Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things are so bad now in America that we have to ask—Could Barack even pull-off being Mayor of McDonald-Land? Barack’s critics have been proven essentially correct in their initial analysis, that he had no leadership experience nor any apparent bent towards such. But consider to the degree in which his lack of leadership has been factually established in every scenario so far. Therefore we can say that not only did Barack bring no leadership skills into his presidency, but he has developed none after 2 years of experience. How pathetic! Therefore, Obama is a continuous threat to bring America down by the very next emergency or disaster he encounters.

What we see in Barack’s childish failure is not only predictable but utterly inevitable given Obama’s ideology—socialism as Trojan horse of Marxism. It is the thesis of this article that despite the wildly arrogant, quasi-religious claims of modern liberalism, aka socialism, that literally no track record exists of its historical success. And this is ultimately why Barack has failed—he simply has no vision of success for America because none can emerge from his Marxist beliefs. Instead, the only success he can deliver is America’s capitalist collapse and rebirth as a socialist or communist undertaking.

I. Fall of the Cult of Obama

Regarding that

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