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A Culture of Violence… “This week, a Gallup poll reported that “U.S. gun ownership varies most strongly by gender — 45% of men versus 15% of women personally own guns. Being married and from the South are also major predictors of gun ownership — 64% of Southern married men own guns.” | Veterans Today

by Paul Balles American gun owners and the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been called “gun nuts” (a variation on “crazies”). Discussions of guns and who owns them or lobbies for them arise every time there’s a mass murder, like … Continue reading

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Second Amendment Saturdays start tomorrow

For more than 200 years, Americans have used firearms for hunting, sports and self-defense. They are an important part of our heritage, and gun ownership is one of our most fundamental rights.   The Daily Citizen begins honoring that heritage … Continue reading

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Why Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

(Read Part One) …..In part one of this series, I detailed about how I have learned that there are settlements of ex-federal officials who have gone into relative “hiding”, with some forming enclaves with like-minded people from the same background … Continue reading

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Tyranny and the Monopoly of Arms – Stephen P. Halbrook – Mises Daily (“Why They Want Our Guns”)

  [Originally ran as “Gun Laws” on October 15, 1970 in The Libertarian Forum.]   The indifference which seems to pervade many libertarian circles regarding recent gun control laws—laws which are likely to forge the final links on the chains … Continue reading

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Get Ready… “Submit and Obey Or else. Article by Eric Peters.”

Because here it comes. The bodies weren’t cold before the slaughter perpetrated by a single homicidal maniac became the basis for calls to slaughter the rights of millions of non-maniacs. That’s us, in case you missed it. That 27 are … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan’s Solution to Gun Violence: “I’d Remove Every Gun in America”

On Monday, Research Director of the Independence Institute David Kopel appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to debate the issue of gun-related violence with Piers and Josh Horwitz from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.     In the video … Continue reading

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