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A Culture of Violence… “This week, a Gallup poll reported that “U.S. gun ownership varies most strongly by gender — 45% of men versus 15% of women personally own guns. Being married and from the South are also major predictors of gun ownership — 64% of Southern married men own guns.” | Veterans Today

February 15, 2013 12 comments

by Paul Balles

American gun owners and the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been called “gun nuts” (a variation on “crazies”).


obampoint (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Discussions of guns and who owns them or lobbies for them arise every time there’s a mass murder, like that of the children in Connecticut recently.


rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Leading the discussions on the major American news networks are reports of the terrible losses naturally felt by the families of the victims, followed by recalling the tragic histories of family suffering after previous mass shootings.

After the required dedication to survivors is paid, the media moves on to necessary talks about what needs to be done about “gun control” for the future.

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Second Amendment Saturdays start tomorrow

January 18, 2013 Leave a comment

For more than 200 years, Americans have used firearms for hunting, sports and self-defense. They are an important part of our heritage, and gun ownership is one of our most fundamental rights.


The Daily Citizen begins honoring that heritage on Saturday with our first Second Amendment Saturday.



mussobama (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






“We are giving people the ability to exercise their Second Amendment right to buy, sell or trade a gun with their fellow citizens,” said Publisher William Bronson. “Our business is based on the exercise of the First Amendment, but we celebrate and defend all of the freedoms protected by the Constitution.”



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




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Why Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

December 29, 2012 60 comments

(Read Part One)

…..In part one of this series, I detailed about how I have learned that there are settlements of ex-federal officials who have gone into relative “hiding”, with some forming enclaves with like-minded people from the same background and professional affiliations. Uniformly, they seek to avoid the draconian imposition of martial law and accompanying gun confiscation.


big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

The second phase of what is planned for America, following gun confiscation and martial law, contains a degree of oppression never before seen in our country and will rival some of the world’s darkest days.


drronpaulrev (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

This part of the story details how the government plans to get our guns. Gun confiscation is the primary short-term goal of the globalist forces which have hijacked our country. Americans, in large numbers, cannot be permitted to maintain private gun ownership. One of my sources states that the dark side of our government refers to private gun owners in America as the Viet Cong.

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Tyranny and the Monopoly of Arms – Stephen P. Halbrook – Mises Daily (“Why They Want Our Guns”)

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


[Originally ran as “Gun Laws” on October 15, 1970 in The Libertarian Forum.]


The indifference which seems to pervade many libertarian circles regarding recent gun control laws—laws which are likely to forge the final links on the chains shackled to the average American citizen—is dangerously surprising. Apparently no one perceives the importance of what has occurred.


Few realize the extreme shackles placed on actual or potential gun owners by the acts snowballing into the Gun Control Act of 1968 (Public Law 90-618). To purchase a gun one must make a sworn statement of identity, which is sent to the local police chief—who decides whether the applicant may own a gun on the basis of whether he is a “law-abiding” citizen (i.e., if he obeys every order of the power elite). Firearm ownership is denied to convicted felons, dishonorably discharged veterans, aliens illegally in the U. S., and former citizens who have renounced their citizenship, viz., all potential opposers of the Establishment. Users of “dangerous drugs” like pot, anyone under 21, as well as many others are also denied the right of ownership. Ownership of fully automatic, large caliber, or other firearms is absolutely prohibited to everyone but the State.


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Get Ready… “Submit and Obey Or else. Article by Eric Peters.”

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Because here it comes.

The bodies weren’t cold before the slaughter perpetrated by a single homicidal maniac became the basis for calls to slaughter the rights of millions of non-maniacs.

That’s us, in case you missed it.

English: portrait Eric Peters

English: portrait Eric Peters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That 27 are dead is horrific, a nightmare. That the deaths of these innocents will be used to demagog gun ownership generally is arguably more so. For our rights – our liberties – are everything. Without them, our lives are nothing more than biological datum. We exist – but we do not live. Because it is not living when your life is controlled by others (those “others” being the people who control the machinery and enforcement apparatus of government) … when your freedom of action is denied, limited, constrained…. not because of any harm you’ve caused.

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Piers Morgan’s Solution to Gun Violence: “I’d Remove Every Gun in America”

December 9, 2012 2 comments

On Monday, Research Director of the Independence Institute David Kopel appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight to debate the issue of gun-related violence with Piers and Josh Horwitz from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.


Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the video below, you can see the debate unfold. What’s most telling in this exchange is Morgan’s admission that he, personally, would like to “Remove every gun in America.”


Of course, what preceded this statement only seconds earlier was the perfunctory disclaimer, which is often made by those who secretly wish to pass onerous gun laws, “I do have a respect for the Second Amendment.”


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