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Obama’s Teleprompters Stolen on Debt Man Riding Tour, Part Two

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Debt Man Riding, Part 2. Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, out there on another bus tour wasting precious fuels, polluting the skies, ruining the climate, when all he would have to do is walk to the Capitol. All he needs is votes from Democrats in the Senate. If he really wants to pass this boondoggle of a jobs bill, just walk across the Capitol, get over there to the Senate, and get those two extra votes. Voila, done! But, no, he has to get in a Canadian-made bus and drive all over North Carolina. He was in Asheville. You know, Asheville, where the famous Vanderbilt estate is, Asheville, North Carolina, he’s there, he’s flitting all around.

And you’ve heard the story about the truck carrying Obama’s teleprompters and other electronic equipment being stolen. Now, we can’t confirm that the teleprompter was actually stolen. The truck was, and the truck was recovered. Whether the prompter was actually stolen, we don’t know. But we do have some evidence, ’cause Obama did speak, and there was no teleprompter. This is what it sounded like.

So while we don’t have any hard evidence the teleprompter was stolen, you be the judge. No, seriously, the bus tour is just a campaign tour. All he needs to do is just walk across town. If he’s worried about saving the climate, drive across town, whatever, and have a meeting with the Senate. Obama and the bus — it’s kind of like Michael Dukakis riding in the tank, looking like Beetle Bailey. Remember that, back in 1988? It’s amazing. That seems like it was yesterday.

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Bolton Says Obama ‘Basically Doesn’t Care About’ Foreign Policy, Compares Him to Dukakis

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Free RepublicBrowse · Search Pings · Mail News/ActivismTopics · Post ArticleSkip to comments.Bolton Says Obama ‘Basically Doesn’t Care About’ Foreign Policy, Compares Him to DukakisCNSNews ^Posted on Monday, January 31, 2011 9:02:04 AM by Sub-DriverBolton Says Obama ‘Basically Doesn’t Care About’ Foreign Policy, Compares Him to Dukakis Monday, January 31, 2011 By Christopher NeefusJohn – Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Friday that President Barack Obama “basically doesn’t care about” foreign affairs, considering them ancillary to his domestic agenda. He said he thinks Obama’s view of the United States’ role in the world is comparable to that of failed presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.“I think the most significant aspect of the president’s approach to foreign and national security policy is that he basically doesn’t care about it,” Bolton said in a Capitol Hill speech organized by the Defense Forum Foundation.He later added that he thought Obama could be compared to Gov. Michael Dukakis, in that both see the U.S. as “one of 192, nothing particularly special.”Excerpt Read more at …

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Marilyn M. Barnewall — General Jones, Donilon, and other Boondoggles

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Donilon was also a senior adviser to the presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis. He broke his losing streak when he assisted Bill Clinton with debate preparation, then served as an adviser for Clinton’s 1992 transition team. He helped prepare President Obama for his debate with Senator John McCain.

He worked at the State Department as chief spokesman and Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. He’s a politician and a lobbyist from a political family.

Oh, yes. He was Executive Vice President at Fannie Mae. He lobbied against increased regulation of Fannie Mae… and made millions of dollars while doing it. And now the President has appointed him America’s National Security Advisor.

According to journalist Michael O’Brien, “Rep. Cliff Stearns R-Fla. pressured Donilon, the current deputy national security adviser, to decline the new job due to his work in the past as a lobbyist for mortgage giant Fannie Mae and his lack of previous military experience


Speaking of boondoggles…

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Why the hard Left of the Democratic Party could soon be running US security policy

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The National Security Advisor of the President of the United States is a really important job – for NATO and the West, not just for America. Whoever holds it has to ensure among many other responsibilities that the efforts of the the Pentagon and the State Department are coordinated towards a strategic end. Of all the posts in government, this one is supposed to be apolitical. Until last week, General Jim Jones, a retired marine with an extensive strategic resume, held the post for Obama.

Now he has been replaced by a pure political hack: Thomas E Donilon. As my colleague Toby Harnden has pointed out, this is worrying news. A major, disastrous shift in US foreign policy could be on the way.Tom Donilon has spent his entire life as a hanger-on to Democratic Party campaigns, working as a strategist for Michael Dukakis and later for Barack Obama. A corporation lawyer by trade, he is associated with the hard liberal wing of the Democratic Party. His brief experience with national security issues was in the Clinton administration, where he was spokesman and chief of staff to the Secretary of State. He has no experience whatsoever in the armed forces.Yet Donilon has not been without a major impact on national policy.

After working for Clinton, he went into corporate law practice in Washington and lobbied for the government-chartered Fannie Mae mortgage company that was at the center of the 2008 financial crisis. Before the market collapse, Donilon successfully lobbied the Congress to prevent increased regulation that might have prevented, or at least limited, the financial catastrophe.However, demonstrated incompetence is no bar to rapid advancement in the Obama administration. Donilon is a highly partisan operative filling a position that ought to be above party politics.


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