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Some VP Rumors and Convention Talk… (“If his heralded new majority for change does not triumph in congressional and state elections in 2012 or “)

August 7, 2012 Leave a comment


Speaking of the veep business, Obama is out there, he whispered to some people yesterday


General David Petraeus

General David Petraeus (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)


he thinks it’s gonna be Petraeus.


Yeah. And Drudge has run with this as the lead item, that it’s gonna be Petraeus as the veep.


General Petraeus.


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STAND WITH JOE: PLEASE SIGN PETITION for Sheriff Joe Arpaio (FReep to beat petition)

May 11, 2012 3 comments
speaking in Phoenix, Arizona on February 26, 2011.

speaking in Phoenix, Arizona on February 26, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

STAND WITH JOE: PLEASE SIGN PETITION for Sheriff Joe Arpaio (FReep to beat petition)

Stand With Joe ^ | 05/11/2012 | Stand With Joe

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012 10:30:52 AM by montag813

URGENT: PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AT THIS LINK to show you Stand With Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and AGAINST the political witchhunt of Obama’s Department of Justice. This Administration and its open-borders allies La Raza, MALDEF and the ACLU, will stop at nothing to try and destroy the most prominent national symbol in the fight against illegal immigration. Sheriff Joe will not back down. Please sign the petition to show you stand behind him.

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Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack ‘Occupy Wall Street’

October 3, 2011 2 comments

The leftist juggernaut, a Democratic Party front which vehemently backed Obama’s 2008 election campaign, is set to hijack the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests this week, which is pretty ironic given the fact that the Obama administration is a creature of Wall Street itself.

Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street Joined by NYC Transit Union 01

After largely staying out of the protests thus far, “ is expected to mobilize its extensive online regional networks to drum up support for the effort,” reports Crain’s New York Business.

The Obama front organization has supported the demonstrators by way of its website coverage, but this marks the first time that MoveOn will actively engage to organize ‘Occupy Wall Street’ events which its members will attend.

The hypocrisy of seizing control of a protest movement dubbed ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is staggering. “endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Party primaries, fundraised and organized for him, and has become perhaps the lead lobby organization for his policies,” reports SourceWatch.

The organization is also strongly supported by billionaire George Soros, with Soros having donated around $5 million dollars to the group in recent years.

So we have a Soros-backed organization which has aggressively lobbied for Obama, whose 2008 campaign was bankrolled by Wall Street (almost $2 million donated by Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase), whose 2012 run is being bankrolled by Wall Street, and whose cabinet is filled with Wall Street operatives, now announcing its involvement in protests against Wall Street.

Liberals really need to wake up and smell the coffee on this one…………


via Prison » Obama Machine Prepares To Hijack ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

Put the Kettle On: Van Jones tries to help create a liberal version of the Tea Party

July 25, 2011 1 comment

Put the Kettle On: Van Jones tries to help create a liberal version of the Tea Party

Slate ^ | July 18, 2011 | David Weigel (Journ-o-lister)

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2011 1:39:32 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

via Put the Kettle On: Van Jones tries to help create a liberal version of the Tea Party. admits it ‘hacked’ Fox News

June 9, 2011 2 comments admits it ‘hacked’ Fox News admits it ‘hacked’ Fox News:

“The George Soros-funded activist group has admitted it was behind a hoax Youtube video in which it appeared the ticker outside News Corporation‘s Manhattan headquarters had been hacked and reprogrammed with an anti-Fox News script calling for revolution. admitted it set up fake identities for the alleged hackers and even released a misleading video in which a man, with his face disguised, purported to confess he was behind the Fox News hacking.

The entire scheme, it turns out, was meant to promote the June 23 launch of what MoveOn labels ‘the largest economic campaign we have ever run.’

The campaign, titled ‘Rebuild the Dream,’ is

via BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984(+): admits it ‘hacked’ Fox News.

New Video Shows MoveOn Activist Attempted To Assault Rand Paul

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Valle shoved sign in Paul’s face before stomping incident in footage media refused to broadcastPaul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.comThursday, October 28, 2010A new video of the notorious stomping incident reveals that far from just being “simply there to hold a sign” as she claimed, MoveOn protagonist Lauren Valle tried to assault Senatorial candidate Rand Paul by rushing towards his car and shoving the sign in Paul’s face, something the establishment media and the Soros blogs have completely failed to mention in their zeal to demonize the Paul campaign.

The clip shows MoveOn activist Valle, before her blonde wig had been removed, rush Paul’s car and shove her sign in the Kentucky candidate’s face before Paul supporters drag her away. Paul exits the car from the passenger side looking concerned for his safety.The new footage, which the establishment media has failed to show in its rabid zeal to demonize the Paul campaign, contradicts Valle’s claim that she was “simply there to hold a sign” and that the actions of Rand Paul supporters were premeditated and unprovoked.

The thug who stomped on Valle rightly faces criminal charges and his behavior has no place in a civil society, but the Jack Conway supporter who similarly stomped on an already injured female Rand Paul activist has been completely absolved and the media hasn’t even bothered to find out his identity. Conway has also failed to condemn the actions of his own supporter, so presumably Conway thinks stomping on women is perfectly acceptable, so long as you’re a “progressive”.

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White House Media Whores Caught In Rand Paul “Stomping” Cover-Up

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Media Matters and Think Progress – owned by group committed to “promoting the policies of Barack Obama,” completely fail to mention that Rand Paul supporter was also victim of assaultPaul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.comTuesday, October 26, 2010

The establishment media and the George Soros-funded White House press whores Media Matters and Think Progress are raging about how a Rand Paul supporter stomped on a female MoveOn activist following last night’s Paul-Conway debate in Lexington, while covering up the fact that a female Rand Paul activist was also the victim of a stomping metered out by a Conway supporter just moments before.

An Associated Press video of the incident seems to go to great lengths to slow down the stomping in order to increase shock value, while conveniently failing to capture on film an almost identical incident moments before where a female Rand Paul supporter had her bandaged foot sliced open by a Conway fan who stomped her in a similar fashion.Lauren Valle, a liberal MoveOn activist, attempted to create a confrontation by moving towards Paul after the debate, only to be restrained by Rand Paul fans. The video shows one of them push his foot down on the woman’s upper back in a stomping motion. Other Rand Paul activists try to discourage the man from hurting the woman.The Rand Paul supporter who assaulted the woman is clearly a thug and should be criminally charged, but the establishment media and the George Soros-funded blogs have hastily exploited this unfortunate incident in an effort to prop up the flailing political campaign of Democrat Jack Conway, by attempting to demonize Rand Paul supporters as a mob of angry brownshirts.

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