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2013 Ford Mustang gallops up to 200 mph (650hp)

November 15, 2011 Leave a comment

2013 Ford Mustang gallops up to 200 mph (650hp)

Yahoo News ^ | 11/15/2011

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 3:03:10 PM by Scythian

Yet another argument for the contention that we’re living in a golden era for American muscle cars arrives with the 2013 Ford Mustang, which will sport a brace of tech and styling updates across its line — including the most powerful V8 engine sold by any automaker in the world. How much trouble could you get in with a 200-mph ‘Stang?

The original pony car has survived 46 years only through annual tweaking between major redesigns, and offering a broad enough model range to lure in everyone from high-schoolers to professional drag racers. Thanks to the competition with the revived Chevrolet Camaro, there’s more muscle in muscle cars than ever before; today’s base V6 Mustang has more grunt than the V8 flashed seven years ago.

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