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December 30, 2014 4 comments


It is largely forgotten that the war for American independence was initiated in large part by the British Crown‘s practice of using troops to police civilians in Boston and other cities.244 Professional soldiers used in the same ways as modern police were among the primary grievances enunciated by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. (“[George III] has kept among us standing armies”;

“He has affected to render the military independent of and superior to the civil power”; “protecting them, by a mock trial….”).245 The duties of such troops were in no way military but involved the keeping of order and the suppression of crime (especially customs and tax violations).

Constitutional arguments quite similar to the thesis of this article were made by America’s Founders while fomenting the overthrow of their government. Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that although Parliament was supreme in its jurisdiction to make laws, “his majesty has no right to land a single armed man on our shores” to enforce unpopular laws.246 James Warren said that the troops in Boston were there on an unconstitutional mission because their role was not military but rather to enforce “obedience to Acts which, upon fair examination, appeared to be unjust and unconstitutional.”247 Colonial pamphleteer Nicholas Ray charged that Americans did not have “an Enemy worth Notice within 3000 Miles of them.”248 “[T]he troops of George the III have cross’d the wide atlantick, not to engage an enemy,” charged John Hancock, but to assist constitutional traitors “in trampling on the rights and liberties of [the King’s] most loyal subjects …”249

The use of soldiers to enforce law had a long and sullied history in England and by the mid-1700s were considered a violation of the fundamental rights of Englishmen.250 The Crown’s response to London’s Gordon Riots of 1780 — roughly contemporary to the cultural backdrop of America’s Revolution — brought on an immense popular backlash at the use of guards to maintain public order.251 “[D]eep, uncompromising opposition to the maintenance of a semimilitary professional force in civilian life” remained integral to Anglo-Saxon legal culture for another half century.252

Englishmen of the Founding era, both in England and its colonies, regarded professional police as an “alien, continental device for maintaining a tyrannical form of Government.”253 Professor John Phillip Reid has pointed out that few of the rights of Englishmen “were better known to the general public than the right to be free of standing armies.”254 “Standing armies,” according to one New Hampshire correspondent, “have ever proved destructive to the Liberties of a People, and where they are suffered, neither Life nor Property are secure.”255

If pressed, modern police defenders would have difficulty demonstrating a single material difference between the standing armies the Founders saw as so abhorrent and America’s modern police forces. Indeed, even the distinctions between modern police and actual military troops have blurred in the wake of America’s modern crime war.256 Ninety percent of American cities now have active special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams, using such commando-style forces to do “high……..



Oh My: Study Reveals Significant Number of Non-Citizens Vote in US Elections

October 28, 2014 1 comment

Oh My: Study Reveals Significant Number of Non-Citizens Vote in US ElectionsTownhall ^ | Oct 27, 2014 | Guy BensonPosted on 10/28/2014, 12:14:35 PM by george76


jfkwarng (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







Electoral cheating is not the “myth” the Left pretends it is…More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote….Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample, we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.


isthisman (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








Non-citizen votes could have given Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health-care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress. Sen. Al Franken D-Minn. won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. Votes cast by just 0.65 percent of Minnesota non-citizens could account for this margin.


pattonpol (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)







It is also possible that non-citizen votes were responsible for Obama’s 2008 victory in North Carolina. Obama won the state by 14,177 votes, so a turnout by 5.1 percent of North Carolina’s adult non-citizens would have provided this victory margin.That’s…a really big deal.

Democrats needed every last Senate seat they won in 2008 in order to overcome a GOP filibuster on Obamacare. Without Franken’s seat or Mark Begich‘s ill-gotten seat, the bill would never have passed — as written, or at all.


obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)








Previous studies presented serious evidence that Franken’s margin in Minnesota was furnished by felons illegally voting; this new data suggests that ineligible non-citizens could have put him over the top.

Pick your poison. Both bodies of evidence, by the way, showed that non-citizens and convicted felons overwhelmingly support Democrats.Excerpt Read more at …​

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The U.S. Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

July 30, 2014 1 comment




The U.S. Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers


The U.S. Is Quietly Establishing Ebola Quarantine Centers 29 Jul, 2014 by Dave Hodges Print this article Font size -16+ebola burying dead bodies Most border crossings in Liberia, located in West Africa, have been closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to try to halt the spread of the virus.


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Important Slow News… John Stossel…

July 9, 2014 1 comment

Important Slow ^ | July 8, 2014 | John StosselPosted on 7/9/2014, 7:21:35 AM by KaslinWars, plane crashes, mass murder — it’s easy to report news that happens suddenly.


Reporters do a good job covering that. But we do a bad job telling you about what’s really changing in the world, because we miss the stories that happen slowly.



obama-destruction1 (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)















These are usually the more important stories.Recently, President Barack Obama was mocked for saying: “The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been.



barbflag (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)





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[NC] Law Prof Who Specializes in Poverty Makes $205,400 – Teaching One Class Per Semester

June 28, 2014 1 comment

[NC] Law Prof Who Specializes in Poverty Makes $205,400 – Teaching One Class Per SemesterThe College Fix ^ | 6/27/2014 | LAUREN COOLEYPosted on 6/28/2014, 8:52:19 AM by markomalleyUNC law professor’s holdings include $1.5M in real estate, and meanwhile he chastises Republicans for their ‘unforgivable war on poor people’


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MERS updates: 2 Orlando health care workers who treated MERS pt now have symptoms

May 14, 2014 3 comments

MERS updates: 2 Orlando health care workers who treated MERS pt now have symptoms

various ^ | various

Posted on 5/14/2014, 8:13:24 AM by wtd

Worker who cared for Orlando MERS patient hospitalized, another sick ORLANDO — Two Orlando health care workers who treated a 44-year-old man with MERS now have flu-like symptoms. One was admitted to the hospital, while the other was sent home.


isthisman (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)



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‘Man Up,’ ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’ Labeled Offensive Language at Duke University

April 28, 2014 2 comments

‘Man Up,’ ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’ Labeled Offensive Language at Duke University

The College Fix ^ | 28APR2014 | Claire E Healey

Posted on Monday, April 28, 2014 11:04:24 AM by Jack Hydrazine

A new word-discouragement campaign at Duke University has labeled phrases such as “Man Up,” “That’s So Gay,” and “Don’t Be a Pussy” offensive language that “delegitimizes” homosexuality and oppresses and insults people.


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