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The Psychological Profile of President Obama | Obama

December 9, 2013 100 comments

(Before It\’s News)

Dave Hodges

December 9, 2013


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The Common Sense Show

mentally ill obama

In the midst of the series I am writing in which I am detailing the existence of governmental plans to brutally subjugate the people, it dawned upon me that a President can have all the draconian legislation behind him that he needs to carry out a brutal agenda against his people or a segment of his population without having the psychological makeup to do so. This article examines whether Obama has the psychological make-up to carry out such an agenda.


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December 1, 2013 Leave a comment
Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Psychics, Psychology, Sociology, Etc.

And what about Humamnism, Cultural Marxism, Liberalism, Marxism, Socialism, Narcissism, Etc.?


Psychics Debunked


Psychology, Sociology, Etc.



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Physics Debunked? –… Re Pschology, Sociology, Etc.

December 1, 2013 5 comments

(Isaac Newton, left, was a member of the \”club.\”)

If you think, that only social sciences, law, history and literature are hijacked, you did not pay attention. Think that mathematics and physics are free? Think again.


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(Editor\’s Note: I present this article for discussion. I am not in a position to gauge its accuracy, but it is consistent with our article on the \”Scientific Dictatorship\”.)

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Obama confessing ineligibility? ~ (“…Obama unconsciously confesses his illegal presidency was a secret revolution against America…”)

November 20, 2012 25 comments

A psychiatrist and forensic profiler who decoded O.J. Simpson’s “suicide note,” deciphered the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note and worked on the Natalee Holloway murder case now has analyzed the United Nations speech by Barack Obama and says the president confessed he’s ineligible for the Oval Office and told Americans they must use the Constitution to solve the problem.


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Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., author of “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury,” at the suggestion of WND examined Obama’s Sept. 25 address at the U.N. and offered his analysis.

He uses a unique psycholinguistic technique he calls “ThoughtPrint Decoding” to “read between the lines” of people’s statements – called “the cutting-edge of forensic science” by expert investigators.

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Psychologist Dr. Paul Fick Says Obama Psychologically Damaged ‘Beyond Narcissism,’ Offers Details to Press

October 26, 2012 6 comments

Members of the media are invited to interview nationally prominent psychologist Dr. Paul Fick, who has announced a detailed report on the psychological condition of President Barack Obama.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Fick is a very experienced, clinical and forensic psychologist. He has completed a lengthy, detailed, scientific study of President Obama. The result is the announcement that Obama is severely psychologically damaged, according to Dr. Fick. He is willing to provide full details of his research, evaluation, findings, and recommendations for therapy.

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Agenda 21 Action Thread

May 30, 2012 4 comments

A few days ago I realized that we who are participating on the Agenda 21 thread have amassed an impressive amount of data and links which are quite important for the educating of anyone who is wondering what “Agenda 21” is all about.

There is absolutely no question in the minds of any of our participants at this stage that “Agenda 21” is real, and is NOT a tin-foil hat conspiracy. There are quite a number of people on this forum who were way ahead of us, and have been quite patient with us while some (like myself) have played catch-up.

The link to the original Agenda 21 thread, with all the previous data, links, and discussion can be found here:

With this new thread, I am proposing that we continue our practice of collecting data and links to relevant articles, but I would also like to see discussions and brainstorming, advice, ideas, on WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT?? Nuts and Bolts. Baby steps. Giant steps. Letters to the editor. Letters to representatives. After action reports. Putting into practice the overcoming of the Delphi Techniques practiced by Sustainability Meeting Facilitators. Ways to educate our fellow citizens. Etc.

What say you?

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(“it should be obvious to all American patriots that Obama and his people are going grandly insaner by the day”) High Treason for Obama, his Administration & the People’s Representatives

March 14, 2012 Leave a comment

From these statements, it should be obvious to all American patriots that Obama and his people are going grandly insaner by the day.

And, regardless of elections, we must demand that Obama and his whole administration, including the people’s representatives who are doing nothing in front of so many blatant attacks against the American Constitution be all tried for High Treason.

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