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“April Morning” – April 19, 1775: The first day of the American Revolution (Movie Review)

November 4, 2013 3 comments

\”April Morning\” – April 19, 1775: The first day of the American Revolution (Movie Review) ^ | August 22, 2001 | John Elsegood





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Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 8:44:13 PM by Perseverando


This is simply a gem of a movie based on Howard Fast\’s excellent 1962 novel,( which I still have), of the first day of hostilities between colonists and Britain.



There may have been bigger blockbusters made about the American Revolution (The Patriot, Revolution etc) but to me this under- rated 1988 film is a true classic, capturing the quintessential decency of American colonial village life in Lexington and the developing tensions and conflict on that fateful day of 19th April 1775.




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Are You a Patriot? | The Stateless Man

July 5, 2013 1 comment

The Misused Claim of Moral Obligation


In my role with The Stateless Man, name-calling against me seems to be par for the course. Recently, for example, someone emailed and called me a “Capital Communist.” “Cultural Marxist” is also a regular favorite with my detractors.


As you can gauge, given that I advocate against collectivism, any connection with reality is beside the point when it comes to these character attacks. All I can say is good luck to those people, since any fruitful engagement appears out of the question………………..




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The Swamp Fox: Lessons in Leadership from the Partisan Campaigns of Francis Marion.

June 17, 2013 1 comment

The Swamp Fox: Lessons in Leadership from the Partisan Campaigns of Francis Marion.


John Batchelor Show ^ | June 15, 2013 | John Batchelor Scott D. Aiken


Posted on Saturday, June 15, 2013 10:26:28 AM by Hojczyk



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As one of the Patriot leaders in the Carolinas, the partisan campaign conducted by Brigadier General Francis Marion and his irregular force during the American Revolution prevented South Carolina from completely succumbing to British control during the period between the capture of Charleston in May 1780 and the start of Major General Nathanael Greene’s campaign to recover the Southern Colonies in December 1780. During substantial segments of this period he alone held eastern South Carolina from the British and became known as “The Swamp Fox” for his exploits and elusiveness in harassing the British with his guerilla tactics.




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Southern Poverty Law Center Finds Fewer Militias, Hypes Militia Threat Anyway (FR mentioned)

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Southern Poverty Law Center Finds Fewer Militias, Hypes Militia Threat Anyway (FR mentioned)


Reason ^ | March 7, 2013 | Jesse Walker



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Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013 1:15:58 PM by AuntB


The Southern Poverty Law Center has released its annual report on “The Year in Hate and Extremism,” in which the organization estimates the size of the “extremist” threat. Since its count of hate groups has dropped since last year—the number went down from 1,018 to 1,007—the center is hyping a 7 percent increase in another category: what it calls “conspiracy-minded antigovernment ‘Patriot’ groups.”


The SPLC’s definition of “Patriot” is pretty broad: The list ranges from the conservative websites




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An Invitation From Mr. Willie Nelson…

April 10, 2012 Leave a comment

By Jere Beery

Dear U.S. Military Veterans, Patriots, American Tax Payers, Friends, and Fans, Anyone who knows me knows I am an extremely proud American. I am also very proud of the men and women who serve in our military forces. Every single day our military personnel serve and protect us while putting their lives on the line. They must be able to count on us to protect their earned benefits, entitlements, and services while they are away from home. To do anything less is simply not good enough. Having said this, allow me to invite you to a very special event being organized by some very good friends of mine.

OFFE National Chairman, Gene Simes & USAF veteran, Willie Nelson




Willie Nelson getting ready to perform. Farm A...

Willie Nelson getting ready to perform. Farm Aid 2009. Photo by Larry Philpot, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball| The Post & Email

November 20, 2011 1 comment

…..I’ve got news for you, Jack; it does make a difference. All these Republican clowns ought to get their heads out of the ground and start speaking the truth. “Oh, my, what if they call me a ‘Birther’, or ‘Racist’, or a ‘Constitutionalist’, what will I ever do?” Eh, maybe be able to look in the mirror and hold your head up high? Maybe act like a Patriot, instead of some low-life-groveling-politician, for once in your life.

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Gunny G: “Don’t Send That Outraged E-Mail” (via ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984+ ~ (BLOG & EMAIL))

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Gunny G: "Don't Send That Outraged E-Mail" Don't Send That Outraged E-Mail by Gary North by Gary North Recently by Gary North: Dear Unpublished Author: Blog it instead, I'm going to show you how. It's free. It's fast. It's the way to go. Ask Matt Drudge. He didn't send an email to Newsweek deploring the spiking of an article. He posted his report – without objections – on his blog in 1998. This eventually got a President impeached. His site gets 6 million visits a day. Meanwhile, Newsweek … Read More

via ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984+ ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)


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