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Obama spent his career in the professional left, never doing a normal day’s work in his life.

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

It would seem that Robert Gibbs broke the first rule of the Professional Left, which is, you do not talk about the Professional Left.Well what is this secret thing? It’s a network of people who have are gainfully employed in negotiating, finding funding for and advancing the Leftist agenda. It’s not just a cause, it’s a job.

“There is a class of people with radical leftist views who have made it their job – with the help of abundant grants, foundations, and trusts – to carry out propaganda campaigns, indoctrinate, subvert, and plant the seeds of the leftist worldview in people’s minds through the arts, media, education, blogging, and street protests.

For many it’s the only income they’ve had in years.”

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