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The Emotional Impact Of Glen Campbell

February 16, 2012 1 comment
Rhinestone Cowboy

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Last night, before going to bed, I took a peek at the Grammys just in time to see Glen Campbell performing Rhinestone Cowboy. They announced that although he suffers from Alzheimer’s, he finished another album last year and is currently doing a farewell tour. His performance was exhilarating, with all the celebration of a victory lap.

He kept pointing his mike at the audience as they sang along with him, blurring the difference between those on stage and those no longer seated in the audience. Everyone there seemed truly connected, more like a party than a performance.Glen showed no sign of being affected by his disease until the number was over, the lights dimmed and his voice could be heard asking someone where he should go now. But at 75 years of age, that kind of temporary disorientation isn’t at all unusual.75 years old?

The idea is a bit shocking. The older I get, the faster the world seems to change. I remember Glen Campbell as being so young. That’s how I think of him. This whole process of aging still amazes me. I don’t think of myself as old. But everyone around me is getting so old. Why is that? Paul McCartney was in the audience with his young wife #? and he’s really old, too.Glen Campbell is an incredible musician.

John Wayne as Cogburn

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During his career he has played with a who’s who list of super stars. But the biggest emotional impact he had on my life didn’t have anything to do with his music. In 1969 he just happened to be in the movie, “True Grit” with John Wayne.

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