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Ronald Reagan, Warmonger by Murray N. Rothbard (Re KAL 007; Cong Larry Patton McDonald, Etc.)

December 2, 2012 2 comments



…..There are many unanswered questions and fuzzy areas about 007 – enough, surely, to defuse the hysteria and try to get back – or forward – to a sane approach toward the airliner and toward the Soviets generally.


Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. What in hell was KAL 007 doing flying 300 miles off-course for several hours over Soviet airspace? KAL 747’s are equipped with three separate, cross-checking, internal navigation systems.

The pilot and crew of 007 should have known instantly that they were off course. And why were there no radio communications from 007 until fifteen minutes before it was shot down? The idea of radio failure makes no sense. Not only because they did make contact at long last, but also because 747’s are equipped with five separate radios, two of which can reach anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the route flown by 007 is well-travelled; there are planes up there all the time, including another 747 twenty minutes behind that was carrying Senator Jesse Helms. Why didn’t 007 contact any of these other planes and check where they were?


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