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MSNBC LIES About Three Mile Island Health Effects

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

First it was Cenk Uygur, and today a special report on MSNBC makes the FALSE CLAIM that there were no “deaths or long-term health effects connected to the accident.”

But they never mentioned studies by the Radiation and Public Health Project, including a “new analysis of health statistics in the region found that death rates for infants, children, and the elderly soared in the first two years after the Three Mile Island accident in Dauphin and surrounding counties.”

This directly contradicts what Big Eddie reported — see his “Takedown” below. I guess Big Eddie didn’t get the memo from The MAN …I e-mailed Cenk this information, so whose agenda are he and his superiors pushing at MSNBC — could it have anything to do with the fact that former NBC majority owner General Electric has designed Japan’s stricken reactors and many of the reactors in operation in the U.S. today?

For the MSNBC research hounds did you find this, then it mysteriously disappeared from the final report, or what they gave Cenk to read? here’s the information contradicting your broadcast LIES about Three Mile Island: FIRST STUDY OF IN-BODY RADIATION BEGINS AT THREE MILE ISLAND Harrisburg, November 14, 2005 – A study of baby teeth measuring levels of Strontium-90, a radioactive chemical found only in nuclear weapons and reactors, has begun near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant…………………….

via MSNBC LIES About Three Mile Island Health Effects.


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