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It’s Not An Alien Invasion, It’s Operation Blue Beam | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show | CLINGERS… BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN !

May 13, 2014 6 comments

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…..IF a series of false flag events do not result in World War III and if the world ends up in a cold war, is there a Plan B which could result in the unification of all currency and governmental power under one centralized authority?


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Independence Day


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

American presidents, key politicians and connected insiders have publicly wondered about mankind’s fate if the planet was attacked by alien forces without provocation. Would such an attack, such as the one depicted in the science fiction classic movie, Independence Day, result in a one world government? Well, there are some who are betting that it would and I point to the existence of the false flag Operation known Operation Blue Beam as proof of this statement.


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UpDate: ~ GUNNY G: Re Cancelled Show: The Event – ~ (Re “Russia will warn President Obama that the “time has come” for the world to know the truth about aliens, and if …”) ~ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

May 13, 2014 25 comments


Near the end of World War II, a craft of undetermined origin crashed in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. It carried passengers who appeared outwardly human, but were eventually determined to be of extraterrestrial origin.


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Their DNA is slightly less than one percent different from humans, and they age at a much slower rate.

Since ninety-seven captured survivors refused to disclose information to the US, they were held in a nearby government facility, located on fictional Mount Inostranka.


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Will You Fire On American Citizens? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

March 28, 2014 1 comment

Will You Fire On American Citizens?

March 27, 2014 – Featured, Main, Martial Law – Tagged: Benjamin Smith, dave hodges, fema camps, FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations, free americans against socialist tyranny, genocide, gun confiscation, hr 347, internment


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and resettlment camps, jim garrow, martial law, ndaa, the common sense show – 16 comments

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▶ MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us! – YouTube

March 23, 2014 2 comments

MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us!

via ▶ MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us! – YouTube.





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(Gunny G: ARTICLES: LewRockwell.Com…) ~ You Can’t Have a War Without Soldiers – “Soldiers, you have the power to stop any war” ~ – Gmail

January 15, 2014 1 comment

You Can’t Have a War Without Soldiers

Soldiers, you have the power to stop any war, says Laurence Vance…………

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ARTICLES:… ~ Did FDR Provoke Pearl Harbor? – – Gmail

December 9, 2013 1 comment

The Greatest Generation vs the Greatest Thug – – Gmail

October 13, 2013 6 comments

…..Nothing can describe the affront done to the initial Honor Flight group of 91 vets from Mississippi and their assistants when they met the new word in the urban dictionary, the word now known as “barry-cades!”


George S. Patton signed photo by U.S. Army

George S. Patton signed photo by U.S. Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his fellow man.” John 15:13 is the guiding principle these brave men now in their 80s and 90s followed as they fought to keep America and her Allies free in World War II.




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