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The secret movement to draft Gen. James Mattis (USMC-Ret.) for President….. ~ “An anonymous group of conservative billionaires is ready to place their bets on a man dubbed “Mad Dog,” hoping to draft him into the presidential race to confront Donald Trump. Think of it as a Plan B should Trump be nominated by the Republican Party in Cleveland: swing behind retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis and press him into service yet again as a third-party candidate. Mattis is the former commander of Central Command, which includes the strife-afflicted conflict zones of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, and has developed a reputation among troops as a general officer who cares about the little guy. This reputation blossomed into the political realm during the 2012 presidential contest, when a Marine Corps veteran started an online campaign to write-in Mattis on presidential ballots—it ultimately lacked the backing to take”

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Three of us actually raised the flag–Lieutenant Harold G. Schrier, our company executive officer, Sergeant H.O. Hansen of Boston, and myself. But the rest of the men had just as big a part in it as we did.”Thomas continued to point out that although he felt “mighty proud,” he did not consider himself a hero, or that he had done anything that the others hadn’t also done.”(PltSgt Thomas, speaking to the media and Navy/Marine Corps top brass just a couple days after the flag raising on Iwo Jima!)

THE FLAG-RAISING AT IWO JIMA!!!Morning, 1020, on 23 February 1945, Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, our national colors raised for the first time ever over the Japanese Empire! http://www.freerepublic.com/~gunnyg/ The combat patrol of 40-men of Easy Company 2/28, 5th Marine Division, … Continue reading

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Marines Investigate Possible Error in Iconic Iwo Jima Photo ‹ Reader — WordPress.com

TIMEtime.comMarines Investigate Possible Error in Iconic Iwo Jima Photo TIME23m ago photographyThe Marine Corps confirmed on Friday that it has started investigating whether it misidentified one of the men who appears in the iconic World War II photo depicting the … Continue reading

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GyG! Re What Is The history of “AMERICA FIRST” ????? ~ AND! Does It Mean US GubMint First? Or American People First ?????… Re America First – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

America First may refer to: America First Committee, a group that opposed entry of the United States into World War II, founded 1940 America First Credit Union, a credit union in Utah, founded 1939 America First Party (1944), an isolationist … Continue reading

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A Message from General Mattis: ‹ Reader — WordPress.com… Re Gen James “Mad Dog” Mattis USMC Ret….

A Message from General Mattis: Anna11h ago usmcOur country gives hope to millions around the world, and you—who knew that at one time your job was to fight well—kept that hope alive. By your service you made clear your choice … Continue reading

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The Moral Leader… “…The most blatant recent example is the policy to assign women to the combat arms. Whatever the prevailing political view may be, the Chairman, Chief of Staff of the Army, and Commandant of the Marine Corps know the policy is deeply flawed. Beyond compromising unit cohesion, morale, and combat effectiveness, the policy contains a ticking time bomb of unintended consequences that will further weaken the combat arms and our national defense….”

Skip to comments. The Moral Leader US Defense Watch ^ | March 28, 2016 | Colonel William T. Hewes, USMC (Ret.) Posted on 3/28/2016, 11:06:59 PM by pboyington Like many officers in the retired community, I am puzzled as to … Continue reading

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+++++ALERT: GOP Announced It’s Changing THIS Rule To Put An END To Trump’s Campaign+++++ … ~ “…Party officials and knowledgeable sources have confirmed over the past few days that Rule 40(b) doesn’t exist for the purposes of the upcoming convention. That means at this point, the three candidates left in the race, front-runner Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are all eligible for the nomination, as, possibly, are the Republican contenders who have since suspended their campaigns….”

ALERT: GOP Announced It’s Changing THIS Rule To Put An END To Trump’s Campaign Americans Freedom Fighters ^ | 03/22/16 | Sean Brown Posted on 3/23/2016, 7:59:13 PM by Enlightened1 There’s no question the GOP will go to great lengths … Continue reading

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