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Orly Taitz, ‘Birther queen,’ is a problematic ally

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

The so-called “Birther Queen” lost her campaign for California secretary of state earlier this cycle, so now she’s trying to get Republicans elected to Congress.

The problem: They want nothing to do with Orly Taitz, an Israeli émigré who has racked up tens of thousands of dollars in court fines for filing frivolous lawsuits challenging President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship.

In a series of close contests – she’s backed Van Tran in California, Joe Heck in Nevada and Steve Pearce in New Mexico so far – her help is raising a thorny issue that has already tripped up several Republicans this cycle, and they’re running away from her.”Joe’s never met Orly. He’s not a birther. If she considers herself the queen of the birthers – if that’s the only thing that her endorsement is based on, she’s not in line with Joe,” said Heck spokeswoman Mari Nakashima.

“Let me tell you all we have to say about that,” Van Tran campaign manager George Andrews said. “We never sought her endorsement, and we never even received her endorsement on file,” he said.


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